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Whole Woman

The Whole Woman pathway is designed to reconnect women, particularly mothers, with all parts of themselves, rewrite the stories about what it means to be a woman and mother and explore the 5 feminine archetypes to help them live fulfilling and joy filled lives.


Rebecca firmly believes that one of the greatest threats to our planet are women who are not whole, particularly when they become mothers.

In the western world, motherhood is painted as being either ‘earth goddess nurturer’ or ‘gin swilling wreck’. The Whole Woman Pathway is designed to smash these society perceptions of women and motherhood into a million pieces and support each woman to build a life that suits her, whatever that looks like for her.

Rebecca’s own story of womanhood and motherhood has defined her adventure through life. From her own inherited mother wounds, through unexpectedly becoming a mother, she battled a common condition of all western women - loss of self through conditioning, expectation, external pressures and her own inner demons.

Dr Shefali, clinical psychologist, author and public speaker declares “Raising yourself is a prerequisite of Conscious Parenting.” This concept forms the basis of all activities of this pathway, guiding women to go within and find their own truth, then to return to their worlds and courageously rewrite the parts of their lives as women and mothers that need to be rewritten.

The main objective - to create whole, confident, real women who can raise our next generation, as mothers, aunties, sisters and role models, in the best possible way.

1:1 Support

Rebecca offers 1:1 support for women who prefer to work on their personal stories in an intimate setting. Whether you are wanting to work on a specific thing, or your life in general, Rebecca uses her intuitive gifts, extensive training in traditional and alternative healing techniques and years of experiential wisdom to support clients in mind, body and soul.

1:1 sessions involve mirror work and deep questioning to help you to empower you to become your own healer, as well as a combination of tools across various modalities to support you in the process.

For a free 1:1 session please book in here.

Lioness Program

Core to the Whole Woman Movement, this online and global 10 week program is designed to reconnect Mothers with all parts of themselves and explore the 5 feminine archetypes to help them live sexy, fierce and on fire.

The program involves a fortnightly masterclass and homework, with a private and closed online Facebook Group to ask personalised questions, gain additional tools and techniques and receive direct feedback from Rebecca.

The next Lioness Program begins 27 August 2019. Registrations are now open.

Whole Woman Divine Archetypes Retreat

Held over the December Full Moon from 10 - 14 December 2019 in Puerto Escondido Mexico, this all inclusive, immersive retreat is a magical investment for any woman who wants to reconnect with all her divine parts.

This retreat uses a powerful combination of modalities to connect the five divine feminine archetypes on a deep soul level, rewriting the stories about what it means to be a woman today into something powerful, transformative and healing.

Along with the divine feminine workshops, participants will experience luscious yoga classes, meditation, yoni healing and herbal remedy workshops, intuitive massages, personalised photography sessions, daily sacred cacao ceremonies, full moon ritual and local cultural experiences.

Women will return to their lives feeling like they have been nourished by spirit, each other, themselves and Mother Earth to live their truth and raise the children in their lives according to the truth of their own soul.

Registrations will open soon, please visit our Retreats page to lodge and expression of interest.