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April Energetics Recording


April is a really interesting energy, as we stand on the foundations of what has been created in the first three months of this year.

Whether January to March has been rocky or not for you, to date you have been creating and releasing in your world to allow you to stand at this energetic checkpoint in the best possible position for your future life.

The key now is to put the ego self into the backseat and take action on your soul truth through ALIGNMENT.

This month is all about growing roots and strengthening your foundations for what is to come next. The more you go into the place of balance that last month’s full moon showed you, to discover what your soul truly desires, the stronger and deeper your roots will grow.

Spending the time this month to really work WITH the universal energetics will see the rest of the year grow and flourish to it’s full potential. This may feel uncomfortable or scary as ego speaks up and it is your ability to access the inner work you have done for the past three months that will help you bravely listen to your inner guidance clearly and stay aligned.

Fierce love, Rebecca xx


What does it feel like to align with your soul truth, instead of what your ego believes in?

April Energetic Toolkit - Soul and Ego meditation

Aries New Moon Intention:

I align with my soul truth, and release ego’s desire to conquer

Sit and look into a mirror. Welcome your reflection as the representation of your ego. Breath slowly and deeply, so that your belly and ribcage expands and then falls. Stare into your own eyes until your vision becomes faded and blurry.

Take your time. There is no rush. When you feel yourself reach a point of inner calmness and the outside world fade, know your physical body is now fully aligned with your soul self.

As you sit as two seperate entities, your ego and your soul, have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself the following questions, or ones you choose, and notice which part of you responds.

  • What is making your world feel awesome and alive with potential?

  • What is scaring the absolute fuck out of you?

  • What are you not wanting to admit to yourself?

  • What is something that needs more of your attention?

Journal any answers that come up. Do your ego and soul agree on some answers, or are the answers different? Follow the answers of the soul this month with courage and patience. Align with these answers, rather than try and force or control what happens. Soothe the ego, rather than let it take action this month.

The how is not your responsibility in April. The only action you need to take is to be honest with yourself in the what and the why of your life.

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