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1 Month Clarity Coaching

1 Month Clarity Coaching

Single Session Coaching Call

Single Session Coaching Call

Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs



2019 One Month Clarity Coaching Package

How much will it cost you not to work on your stuff for a month? And I’m not just talking about the money.

It takes guts to commit to yourself, to stop running or pretending everything is fine the way it is. Comfort is a drug of sorts. And so is excitement. Did you know that fear and excitement are the same emotion, just coming from a different source - negativity or positivity?

Whatever you have going on, be it personal or professional, having someone who can help you navigate through the bullshit can save you time, money and a hell of a lot of roadblocks and mistakes.

I take a limited number of 1:1 clients at a time to do just that. I bring everything, and I mean everything, I have learnt about gaining clarity to sessions help you work on you.

You will get weekly video calls, unlimited telephone and email support and a bunch of tools from a whole range of traditional and non traditional modalities to help you rebel against the old and embrace the new.

I give you only one warning. Life will never be the same again.

Click here for more info on the program or tap the button below to book in a free 20 min complimentary 1:1 video call to meet me and see if we vibe.

UPDATE: 1:1 monthly coaching places are almost full for 2019.

Contact me ASAP to enquire about availability, or book in right now to secure your spot.


Single Session Coaching Call

When life blows up, Rebels don’t retreat.

For Rebels who have worked with me in the past, sometimes there is a situation that requires immediate backup.

I got you boo.

Because I know you have the foundations of walking through life unapologetically real and clear, because you are part of the Rebellion and I’ve gotten to know you, I’m always here for you. No matter what.

When the unexpected knocks you for six and you need to be reminded that a real Rebel can handle anything, reach out.

Lock your spot in here.

2019 Group Coaching Programs

When Rebels gather, stuff gets real.  

I run three 5 week kickass group programs on a regular basis.

Mastering Presence Program: designed to get you living 100% mind, body and soul in every moment of every day. All your energy concentrated to create a vortex of magnetism!

Lioness Program: core program to the Whole Woman Motherhood Movement, designed to reconnect Mothers with all parts of themselves and explore the 5 feminine archetypes to help them live sexy, fierce and on fire.

Foundational Body Program: designed to teach you how to use the physical body as your greatest weapon for change, a home for love and a cauldron for creativity.

July/August program details and registrations will be available soon so get on the mailing list for more information when it becomes available.


Need an edge on something you are working on? That’s kind of my thing.

I don’t fit into a box, I fit into my body. It’s a pretty unique shape. And I get kicks out of teaching and speaking about other people learning to do the same thing. If you are working on some sort of project that requires a Rebel Leader to share clarity tools and techniques, I might be interested. Are you?

Contact me to schedule a video chat to suss out whether we are walking the same walk.