& the Real Soul Rebellion

Real Energetics

Every month I jam on the upcoming energies that are swirling about. And not in some weird, not useful way. I’m going to tell you how to use these energies for real, tangible results in your life.


Join a secret rebel gathering every month to plot our next attack

When rebels gather, stuff starts to get real.

Every month before the new moon I jump on a zoom call and deliver some wicked bullsh_t clearing clarity for rebels.

We talk about what the upcoming energetics are going to be according to the ancient science of astrology, as well as jam about the theme for the month that helps with living a life that is brave and true to you. This isn’t vague, woo woo stuff. It is real, practical useful information.

Visit the Rebel Events page to find out details for joining the next upcoming Moon Zoom Call or go to the Rebel Toolkit page to watch the latest transmission and tools to support you working with this month’s energy.

All past energetic transmissions can also be found on the Rebecca Freeman Coaching YouTube Channel or the Podcast Channel.

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