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Floral Fakery to Kickass Clarity

Don’t trust a vegan to cook you steak and don’t trust a coach who doesn’t invest in themselves.

The number one reason people give me for not doing personal development is money. ‘I can’t afford it’ is the catchphrase of comfort zone dwellers.

So I gave confidentiality the middle finger and laid down some raw, real truth about how you WANT to work out how to get over that hurdle and drop some cash on your own ass.

Join me for a behind the scenes look at MY investment in myself.

3 months working with Traver Boehm saved/made me money and time and even got me laid. Actual! We talked about how I dumped the floral fakery and almost punched him in the virtual face in the process. Traver dished out some truthbombs on how he invests in himself and listening to this recording will destroy your belief you aren’t worth it.

sensual self love.PNG

Sensual Self Love Mini Masterclass

Join clarity coach and energy worker Rebecca Freeman, as she jams with the wild and sensual Jacque Opie, founder of the Love Revolution and author of Passion Rituals.

This is not your run of the mill self love conversation, with bubble baths and “treat-yoself” indulgence tips. This is juicy, hold onto your pussy, truth talk about the importance of harnessing your sensual inner creative fire for your life and wellbeing. A must for anyone who wants to feel the heat in their bellies and between their thighs.

Discussion includes: - what self love really is - women supporting women, overcoming jealousy and sisterhood - sex transmutation and the power of harnessing sexual energy - men supporting women on their sensual self love growth - motherhood and sensuality - how to amplify your sensual and sexual energy right now

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